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Supporting each other ..... for life  

This site was developed because of my daughter Kayla's personal experience with hydrocephalus. 

We have no medical background or experience and offer only the experience we have shared since the start of this journey.

The information which we have detailed on this site is for your reference purposes only.

For us, hydrocephalus was a life changing moment in so very many ways.

As a family, it taught us to appreciate what is dear to us,

our children,

and all the very many things that we take for granted,

that we are truly thankful for. 




Through a Mother's Eyes









I was told once, that we are only given, that which we can handle.  I remember standing outside the operating room, when Kayla was having her first shunt revision, 10 months after her initial surgery, and someone asked me how i was coping?

It amazed me that i had not even thought of this, my "mothering" instinct had simply taken over - as if i was dealing with a grazed knee - and i knew that no matter what happened, i would be able to cope with what was given to all of us, we all would.  

My child was on an operating table, fighting for her life. One of the thoughts that ran rampantly across my mind was that i had to be very inventive in detailing ways that Kayla would be able to hide her shaved head.  This was her prime consideration before surgery. Its amazing what you think about in these moments!

The hospital radio was playing while we were treading bear the carpets outside the theatre.  There was a song playing that had very special meaning to me, as i associated it with my grandmother, who had passed on many years before.  That was the moment that i knew that Kayla would be coming back to us and that my Gran was letting me know that she would be ok. 

I do believe in miracles

Kayla is living proof to me, that they do happen.

I truly believe in Guardian Angels, those both living here on earth and those who protect us, even though we cannot see them.

Our earthly angel is our Neurosurgeon - Dr Corrie Botha - whom i cannot put into words exactly how happy i truly am that he was able to save my daughters life and give her back to us.  Who is always available, patiently, even for the smallest of questions.

We offer love, compassion, hope, comfort and encouragement, a shoulder to cry on and ears to listen to.  You are not alone

If we can bring some light to the darkness you are facing as a shunt recipient or raising a child with a VP shunt implant... contact us. If maybe one thing we have done right or wrong can help just one parent or recipient out there, then we have accomplished the goals of this website.

With love